My Articles

I write whenever I feel deep inside that I want to write. My writings generally contain my experiences, knowledge and information from what I have learned as well as some other subjects that I have researched and wanted to share with you.

The Need To Be Whole

Whatever we do in this life, be it buying a garment, reading a book or searching for our life mate, we human beings seek for one thing. All the movies we watch or the commercials are always structured in this manner also. Those, which neglect to comply...

Small Steps vs Big Steps

Which one do you prefer? Or does it really matter? If you have a target to reach is it really important how many steps do you need to take or whether you need to take big steps or small steps to reach your target, what do you think? We all have a focus...

  • My other articles are in Turkish and can be reviewed under Turkish version of this web site.