Leader or Managing Leader?

Which competency would you like to improve? I can work with you to help you to find your own answers on how you can become a resilient and an agile leader taking into account the needs of other stakeholders around you.

Are you experiencing the difficulties of being a manager as a woman?

If you would like to work with me you just need to contact me.

Young lawyers; would you like to better manage your career and improve yourselves and your career?

As a coach with the background of partner and a manager in a law firm, working together with me will have a significant impact in your progress and improvement.

Do you regularly find yourself in a conflicting environment clashing with the same people or dealing with the same issues?

If you would like to change your ongoing conflict approach, you may want to give yourself a present of preventive conflict management.

Is your time limited and would you prefer internet based coaching?

To make your life easier, we can be face-to-face, using the internet and we can use several valuable methods of coaching.

Welcome to my website!

Human Nature and Progress have always been two key subjects I was interested in starting from my university years. Although I graduated from law school and became a lawyer in the first half of my life, my curiosity about human nature and the reasons behind our actions as well as my belief that we shouldn’t leave this world as the same beings we came here shaped my long term vision at the later stages of my legal profession…

About Me

During 20 years of my professional career, besides practicing law, as a manager, I was working for the personal and career developments of the people in my business.


Getting assistance from coaching and trainings on leadership, relationship management or conflict management, are now proven methods for …


Mentoring is a whole system of interpersonal relationship that embraces support, transfer of knowledge and experiences, being a role model and guide.

Suggested Reading

Reading and learning are the deepest and infinite resources of treasury given to us. Jorge Luis Borges made this beautiful quote saying that “I have always dreamed that Paradise was a giant Library of Books”. Reading books shall not solely mean accepting and inheriting everything you read, however it is more valuable if it serves you to better read people, society, life and this world. Given that our time on earth is limited, I am sharing herein what I find is worth to read.

My Articles

I write whenever I feel deep inside that I want to write. My writings generally contain my experiences, knowledge and information from what I have learned as well as some other subjects that I have researched and wanted to share with you. I don’t dare to be a writer, but rather write to make you think, or sometimes to create a spark and to create awareness or to be an inspiration to you. In any case, I always write as I feel and by blending my knowledge with my inner guidance. If you have any comments or suggestions I would be pleased to hear them.

Inspiring Quotes and Stories

This part consists of the quotes and stories that I like and that has served me as a guide at times when I needed internal motivation or support especially at tough times or breaking points. I hope they have an inspiring and healing effect on you.

DISCLAIMER: This Web Site is solely prepared for the purposes of providing information on myself and my practice. I have prepared most of the information and writings herein based on my own knowledge. However, this site also includes information or quotes that are obtained from outside by providing related references. Any information provided on this site should not be accepted as the absolute truth or as final facts on a subject. Therefore, the writings which contain the writer’s personal views and insights may only be seen as a guide or inspiration, however not a professional view. Each person is unique and should be assessed with consideration to his or her own situation and life dynamics.